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Energy oriented solutions
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What’s happening at OC3 AG
  • Solarion AG have been acquired by OC3 AG

  • OC3 AG is aiming to become energy oriented technology leader in Europe with its solar applications

  • OC3 AG will reach 40MW/year capacity by the end of 2016

  • Solarion brand is getting a facelift

Custom Solutions
Thin film battery

Thin Film Battery is the one of the emerging technology product of thin film research. Vacuum coating technologies allow this kind of solid state thin film batteries to be produced.

Electrochromic Foils

Electrochromic devices can change color by applying electrical voltage. These devices work similarly to batteries.Semiconducting materials such as WO3 and NiO are used to form anode and cathode of electrochromic cells.

CIGS Solar Cell

OC3 AG develops and produces thin-film solar cells and modules employing a patented ion beam-assisted manufacturing process that deposits a thin layer of copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) on the lightest substrate available at reduced deposition temperature.


PDLC devices can change scattering of light by applying electrical voltage.Usually polymer dispersed liquid crystal materials are sandwiched between sputtered ITO-PET films


Solar modules

The series SOLARION M210 is a new generation of solar modules. The frameless encapsulation of solar cells between TPO or PVC and glass provides maximum mechanical stability