HR Policy

Through strategic planning and the objectives of our company, we aim to efficiently manage our human resources by adopting a revolutionary human resources system which will make organization structures dynamic and keep our employee satisfaction high.

Election and recruitment
The recruitment of members who are friendly and have the knowledge and experience to carry our company into the future and regard working life as indispensable, instead of employees who will only meet today’s requirements.
Training and Development
Creating an organization which will have training for institutional and personal development.

Preparing a professional work environment with development opportunities for our employees, developing career resources and producing leaders of the future.
Awarding of success by evaluating performance objectively to contribute to the development of employees and the company.

Our Family
Considering the families of our employees – determines our success in achieving our objectives - as a critical part of our organization.
Social Life
Adopting social values and accordingly providing equal opportunities in all applications are main points in our Human Resources Policy.
Latest News
What’s happening at OC3 AG
  • Solarion AG have been acquired by OC3 AG

  • OC3 AG is aiming to become energy oriented technology leader in Europe with its solar applications

  • OC3 AG will reach 40MW/year capacity by the end of 2016

  • Solarion brand is getting a facelift

Energy oriented solutions
  • Thin Film Technology

    OC3 AG has been working on thin film technology to develop cutting edge solar cells and many other semi conductor products.

  • Thermal evaporation

    Thermal Evaporation is used for coating metallic materials onto various types of substrates with highest purity.

  • Magnetron Sputtering

    Magnetron sputtering technology makes it possible to coat target materials onto various substrates with a nanometer thickness accuracy.

  • State of the art CIGS

    Our innovative cigs technology provides exceptional reliability and durability and ensures a safe capital return.