Awareness of performance and competence of employees for success are some of the most important topics, OC3 AG applies a precise recruitment procedure to place the correct applicants into the correct positions.
In our organization, the business profile of every duty, competencies required by the business profile and general qualifications of the duty are determined. Within the frame of employee requirement, applicants are evaluated according to general qualifications and competences required by business profile.
OC3 AG accepts applications through internet and responds to every application respectively. In case of a vacant position, the appropriate applicants are invited to interview in the corporate office and the interview is performed by Human Resources. If the interview ends with a positive result, a second interview is made by the appropriate section manager. If applicant is found suitable for the position, all information about the position is submitted to the applicant in a job offer made by Human Resources. Recruitment procedures begin after acceptance of the offer by the applicant.
Latest News
What’s happening at OC3 AG
  • Solarion AG have been acquired by OC3 AG

  • OC3 AG is aiming to become energy oriented technology leader in Europe with its solar applications

  • OC3 AG will reach 40MW/year capacity by the end of 2016

  • Solarion brand is getting a facelift

Energy oriented solutions
  • Thin Film Technology

    OC3 AG has been working on thin film technology to develop cutting edge solar cells and many other semi conductor products.

  • Thermal evaporation

    Thermal Evaporation is used for coating metallic materials onto various types of substrates with highest purity.

  • Magnetron Sputtering

    Magnetron sputtering technology makes it possible to coat target materials onto various substrates with a nanometer thickness accuracy.

  • State of the art CIGS

    Our innovative cigs technology provides exceptional reliability and durability and ensures a safe capital return.