Multiplan provide service for construction sector with PVC and TPO based membranes produced in modern production sites with capacity of 15 million m2 in Istanbul Gebze Organized Industrial Site following factories in Germany and Hungary.

Following developments in the world, our company aims to establish a contemporary service model in waterproofing business in Europe and contribute to development of European waterproofing market.

We progress thanks to our R&D Company and delicately carry on our forward-looking activities. Creating detail and solution by projects with support of our R&D and technical departments, our company is one of the biggest

three waterproofing company in Europe for synthetic covers. Our company, which had made production of PVC membranes for the first time in Turkey, provides exact solution for waterproofing from foundation of building to roof.

Multiplan Insulation Systems provide waterproofing in many areas such as foundations, roofs, terraces, garden terraces, balconies, tunnels, subway applications, underground parking area, parking area roofs,

roads and ponds. We produce high quality Multiplan waterproofing membranes in accordance with TSE, CE and ISO 9001 standards followed by independent test laboratories with our company guarantee for 10 years.

We produce for the first time TPO based waterproofing membrane, which is a state of the art technology product, in the region from Italia to China. Multiplan Insulation Systems is one of the eight companies,

which produce TPO based membranes in the world. TPO Roof Membranes, which is a revolutionary for European roof sector, both allow generation of energy and provide savings thanks to its reflectivity up to 80%.